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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Peach Cobbler with a Maple/Walnut Twist

What is a cobbler? According to Wikipedia, cobbler is a dish consisting of fruit filling covered with a batter, biscuit or pie crust. The name possibly originated due to the fact that the dish looks like a cobble road when it's assembled..either way, delicious fruit with a yummy crunchy topping, what's not to love?

Here is my rendition of peach cobbler:


-8 ripe peaches
-1/4 white sugar
-1/4 maple syrup
-1/2 tsp cinnamon
-1/4 nutmeg
-2 tbsp lemon juice
-2 tsp cornstrach


-1/2-1 cup flour
-1/4 white sugar
-1/4 maple syrup
-1 tsp baking powder
-6 tbsp margarine (salted)
-1/2 cup or more crushed walnuts


1. Parboil peaches in boiling water for a few minutes, remove and cool so you can easily peel the skin with your hands.
2. Slice peaches into wedges, throw in a pot on medium heat with all of the filling ingredients. In a separate bowl, mix all dry ingredients of topping first, then slowly incorporate liquids.
3. After 5-10 minutes of filling simmering down and thickening, pour in to a pyrex dish and dribble the topping everwhere.
4. Bake for 20 min on 350 Farenheit or until desired gold colour.

Simple, easy dessert. I'm gonna try making apple crumble next time, gotta use those 20 lb of apples from a pick your own farm somehow!


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